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Keeper Question - Dion Lewis Cut Candidate In Real Life? (1 Viewer)


I play in a keeper league (keep 4), where keeper cost is one draft round higher than the draft round the year prior.  I've been scooping up anyone with even a minute percentage chance who might become the Chiefs RB next year, as I'm pretty set at least 3 of my keepers already and have some good choices for the 4th.

Dion Lewis has a cap hit of $4.86 million next year (in real life football) and a dead cap total of $1.68 million.  I have some base knowledge of how the dead cap works - my understanding is that if they were to cut him, it would free up about $3 million in cap space.

Long story short, Lewis was dropped in my league with a keeper value for next year of the 12th round.  He seems like the type of player with receiving chops that Andy Reid would target, and would come at a reasonable cost in real life.

So my long-winded question is, am I creating a scenario in my head that doesn't exist, or is there a reasonably small chance Lewis could end up as the Chiefs RB next year?  I would need to drop another keeper candidate to add him.

Thank you for any advice, I know this is an odd question.

- Rob

It all depends on what keeper you'd be dropping. Trying to guess what team someone on another team will be on next year seems like a foolhardy experiment. Personally, my guess as to KC's RB's will be next year are already on the team plus the addition of a rookie RB. They seem to like who they have.

It all depends on who you are dropping.  There is too much time and variables between now and then to have any real feel for what is going on but having as many dart throws as possible is never a bad thing.  This all boils down to who you would be dropping to take the chance on Lewis. 


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