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In a 10 team PPR league with 3 keepers (all teams must keep 3) and where all the keepers are simply assigned to the first three rounds of the draft, who would you keep from this list:

  • Melvin Gordon
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Tyreek Hill
  • Zack Ertz 
  • Kenyan Drake 
other factors:

all teams must carry exactly 5 WR, 4 RB, 2TE (and 2 each of QB,Pk, and D/ST) for 17 players per team

starters are QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR), DST,PK



I think this depends on where you're drafting, and who the best available RB/WRs are going to be with your first couple of picks.  I agree Hopkins and Gordon are the first two.  If you're picking near the end of the first round (technically 4th round, after keepers are kept), then you'll be one of the first people to draft two players and should (in theory) be able to round out your RB/WR groups with those picks, so I'd keep Hill as third. 

If your 2nd (5th after keepers) round pick is projected to be weak (due to late pick, so many players kept/drafted by then, etc) that your RB2 or WR2 is going to be weak, then I'd keep Ertz just to solidify having a top 3 player at the TE position.  

Sounds a bit backwards this way, but I usually approach TE in a draft like this:  as long as I feel like I'm finding values at RB/WR in each round, I'll happily keep drafting them and wait for TE.  As soon as I find a round where I feel like taking a RB/WR would be reaching at all, that's when I go TE.  By projecting out who is kept and who will be available, you'll be able to sort of map out your first two or three picks, get a sense of what type of players you'll be looking at drafting.  If you find yourself hating your options or feeling like you'll be forcing yourself to take a RB/WR before you should, then I'd keep Ertz.  On the other hand, if you like what's available at RB/WR there, keep building up those positions by keeping Hill, and you'll still be able to draft a TE (maybe even Ertz) somewhere else. 

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I'd go Gordon Hopkins and Hill. With 3 starting wrs and a rb/wr flex (and only one TE) Hill is a lot more valuable IMO.

See where you are at when your pick comes around and grab a TE then if the value is there (maybe even ertz). Would almost guarantee Hill won't be around if you don't keep him.

Help with mine if you have a chance?


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It's an easy choice for me to keep Hopkins, Hill and Gordon.  One factor that may sway my view to Ertz is if there is a chance you can get a similar player to Hill with your first pick AND a lot of TE's are kept making Ertz a hot commodity in the draft. 

My view is in a keeper league that has minimal keepers and where each team keeps the same with no cost then you just keep the best players. I think that is Hopkins, Gordon, and Hill. 



Agreed with Gordon and Hopkins for sure.  I say Hill here, just like brn said above, because you potentially play 4 WRs.   It’s tough to say without knowing your league and who you think will be kept.  If you can, I’d say try to figure out who will be kept, determine the top 10 available players as a result, and go from there.  You could end up with a WR who isn’t far off from Hill, which means it’s better to keep Ertz.


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