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I need help with keepers I have Alvin Kamara will keep him for a 1.08 pick my question is Delvin Cook or Keenan Allen for 2.05 1 PPR, I believe Hopkins, Hunt and Gurley will be the only ones kept. My keepers are due by the end of day on Sunday.

Are you saying for your entire league there will only be 5 players kept (Hopkins, Hunt, Gurley, & the two you choose)?  I don't understand what you meant by "will be the only ones kept".  That statement seems odd that besides your two keepers a total of three other players would be kept for the entire league.  I must be missing something.

So your question is whether you should keep Cook or Allen at pick 2.05.   I would keep Cook (but I am a Vikes fan).  I think Minny will score a lot a points and Cook will be heavily involved.  I don't think you can go wrong with either player but I like Cook a little better.

Keenan Allen truther here, I would favor Allen over Cook. I like his target volume and boost in PPR, and he gets a ton of looks in the red zone. Should see a climb in TDs this year. If you can only keep 2 i would diversify and take a RB1 and WR1. 

Buy like Gally said, I don't think you can go wrong either way at the 2.05. And I am also confused on the number of players being kept...

We have the option to keep 2 players, however if you do you loose a 1st round and your 2nd round pick. You can also only keep a player for 1 time then they go back to the pool. I been trying to get them to change the rule to be you keep the player you drafted in the round that you drafted them in. I hope this clarifies, I understand I did not explain it enough. Thank you for your responses.

Both are good options but I think I would roll with Allen simply because you have flexibility in the 3rd round then to take the best player available over possibly having to reach for a WR.


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