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10 team keeper league. 2 QB, .5 ppr. Can keep as many players as we want that have remaining keeper years, but there is a salary cap.

I've struggled in this league due to some bad luck as well as some poor bets on QBs. Last year I went all in on a championship but got some underperformance at QB again, so I came up just short and am a bit hamstrung for the draft.

I can keep only one of either Lamar Jackson, Jonathan Taylor or Dalvin Cook and only for 2022. Cook hasn't ever been on my radar to keep, but adding him here in case others think more highly of him and his situation next year than I do.

My other QBs include only Cam Newton for up to 2 more years. My other RBs that I can keep are Chris Carson or Jamaal Williams for up to 2 more years, or Mark Ingram or Chase Edmonds for up to 3 more years.

I don't have 1st or 2nd round draft picks. My first pick is #28 which I traded for, and then my normal picks #37, #44 and continues on from there.

Up until about last night I planned on keeping Lamar to have at least one solid QB. Last night I started looking at it closer and then started thinking maybe I should go with Taylor and risk it with terrible QBs.

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What qb's will be available?  In a 2 QB league I think you need to keep Jackson if you want to compete.  The other option is to full on rebuild and try and trade all your 1 yr guys for a foundation for the future.  

Based on what you have described you are not in a position to compete without some major upgrades.



unlikely I'll be able to trade any of the one year guys. each team can only keep one of them and most teams have a couple of top players to choose from already on their rosters. I'll try, but it just doesn't happen much with those types of players in this league.

I would be lucky if Mariotta was available in the 3rd round. Usually the bottom few starting QBs will go late 3rd/early 4th round.


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