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Keeper Trade AJ Dillon and Breece Hall (1 Viewer)


PPR League - 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 2FLEX, 1K

WR - I've got Ceedee, Higgins, Gabe Davis, Aiyuk, Hopkins, and Doubs
RB - I've got Saquan, J Robinson, Breece Hall, Ramondre Steveson, Cam Akers

I just got offered elijah moore and aj dillon for Breece Hall. You can keep 2 players each year for 2 years total and you get them at your draft slot. Breece i took in the 5th, which if he keeps up it might end up being a good keeper pick. I still think AJ is a good value right now though and has a lot of potential and elijah getting his QB back i think he also has a lot of potential.

Does it make sense to do this trade? I have a relatively deep team, so i think keeping what is probably the best player in the trade in Breece makes sense, but a few good weeks for AJ and Moore go by and I can never make this trade again.

Let me know what you think


Who are your keeper options with and without the trade? What are their costs associated with the keepes? If you have space for one keeper I would rather have Hall. Although I like Dillon a lot I don't think he is used in a way that maximizes his FF value. There don't seem to be the same holes for him as Jones and I wonder if it's the GB tendencies causing the defense to key on Dillon hurting his output. At least that is what I see when I watch the games.

I think you are fine with Ceedee, Higgins and Doubs/Davis/Aiyuk /Hopkins for flex spots and don't see Moore as really improving that drastically. He might be a bit better but it's close either way.

I probably hold.

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