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Keepers for next year (1 Viewer)


2 leagues both PPR both can keep 2 players. you lose the pick in the round they we're drafted in
team 1 players to keep..PPR basic scoring for TDs (6 pts)
JT for a 5th
D. Pierce for a 9th *
Njoku for a 16th *
DK for a 4th

team 2 players to keep...PPR bonuses for TD over 50 to 60 and another bonus for anything over 60 (6pts to 8pts to 10 pts)
josh allen for a 3rd *
josh jacobs for 2nd
St. brown for a 6th *
Javonte Williams for a 5th
* is for who I like...
thanks for looking and all suggestions are appreciated!!!


With that few players I really don't worry about "value" and take the best guys.

Team 1: Taylor and either Pierce (if they bring nobody of consequence in) or Metcalf.

Team 2: Agree that Allen and Amon-Ra are the right choices.

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