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Kellen Winslow - Questionable (1 Viewer)

I'm starting Keller over him in one league, Olsen over him in another (that backfired last week), and Winslow over Shockey in a third. We'll see how it pans out...playing the matchups and weather and not putting all of my eggs in one basket.

starting him over Olsen, PPR. I hope this is not going to cost me. This is must win week.
I'm doing the exact opposite. Starting Olsen over Winslow. We'll see how it works out.
Funny, I'm still going back and forth over those same 2. Had Olsen in all week, but Winslow just gets soo much more opportunity by way of targets. I think I'm going to go with the start your stud policy, since it appears he's healthy enough.
Kellen's stats when he plays after being listed as Questionable or Probable are terrible. He's only put up good weeks when fully healthy. I'm staring Billy Miller over Winslow this week.


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