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Kenard Lang (1 Viewer)


Broncs are putting out some good cheddar for Lang:

Broncos | Lang contract details

Thu, 23 Mar 2006 11:47:48 -0800

Lee Rasizer, of the Rocky Mountain News, reports the three-year contract signed by Denver Broncos DE Kenard Lang includes a $900,000 roster bonus and base salaries of $1 million (2006), $2 million (2007) and $1.7 million (2008). Lang can also earn $100,000 workout bonuses each season and an additional $1.2 million in each of the final two years in incentives.

Can he return to top 25 DL form for the next year or so?

I certainly think it is possible ...

Doubt it. In all his years, he has never seen double digit sacks. He was servicable a couple years ago, as you mentioned, but so was a host of other guys like Pryce, Johnstone, Kearse and a handful of other guys in that 45 - 60 tackle and 7-8 sack range that I do not expect to see back in the top 20-25 DEs soon either. In FF, DE's are a lot like WR's. You have a handful of predictable, consistent and reliable guys, then you never know who might shuffle in and out of the top 25 year in and year out.

I guess I should mention I am analyzing this from a 2 pt per tackle/1 pt per assist/2 pt per sack scoring system my leagues use, which makes a 45 tackle, 15 assist, 6 sack guy valuable ...

In 2003 and 2004 Lang was squarely in the top 20 in my leagues ... which are all 16 teams, start 2 DL ...

45 tackles, 15 assists and 6 sacks would fall squarely into the starter DL category ...

And you can get Lang for just about nothing ...


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