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Kendall Beckwith (1 Viewer)

Saw a few comments in the "jibber jabber" thread a week or two ago, but thought i'd start this thread to keep track of him. 

Anyone have any info on his status?  I think if they don't officially activate him soon then he can't be activated this year. 

From FleaFlicker 

Coach Dirk Koetter said Friday that Beckwith (ankle) will not play Week 11, Greg Auman of The Athletic reports.

EDGE Analysis

Beckwith continues to manage his recovery from a fractured ankle sustained during a car accident this offseason, and will not make his 2018 debut Week 11. With fellow linebacker Lavonte David (knee) also ruled out for Sunday's tilt against the Giants, second-year pro Riley Bullough could be in line for a significant uptick in defensive snaps


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