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Kerney or Suggs (1 Viewer)


dynasty draft:i'm looking at pickin DL or DB with my next pick:next guys on my list are Patrick Kerney(29) & Terrel Suggs (23) for DLand DB i posted on another topic but are TAYLOR,ARCHULETA,MLEWISwhich of these players would offer the most value for a dynasty league1pt tackle .5 assist2 sack i think also 1pt ffumble, 2pt fumblerec., .5pass def, 2pt int,

If Suggs is listed as a DE, he is the pick. In this 46 defense, they are calling him a "rush LB", whatever that is, but it means he should put up some very nice numbers, if listed as a DE. He'll play a sort of OLB in the scheme, but will roam around and blitz a lot on passing plays.

The fact that the Ravens are going back to the 4-3/46 makes him a stud. He is a beast of a pass rusher in a 3-point stance and will have no pass coverage duties as he did at OLB last season. I honestly dont think 16-18 sacks is out of the question. The bottom line is he has nothing but upside. Kerney is a top 8 DL but he has peaked in terms of fantasy production IMO.

I believe the key words in his question are "dynasty draft." Patrick Kerney is much older than Terrell Suggs. This is an easy decision in your type of league.

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