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Kevin Burnett-Cowboys rookie LB (1 Viewer)


A local Dallas radio station has an umconfirmed report that Kevin Burnett was seen on crutches yesterday at the Dallas Cowboys facilities. No word as even the possible extent of the a possibile injury. At this point treat as a rumor, until more information and/or links become available.

Kevom Burnett is rumored to having had hip surgery last week...a surgery that was not known by/apporved the Cowboys. (not a good way to start with Bill P. or Jerry Jones if true) Still looking for confirmation

Cowboys | Burnett has Surgery - from www.KFFL.comTue, 17 May 2005 12:11:48 -0700Todd Archer, reports for the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Cowboys rookie LB Kevin Burnett (hip) had surgery on right hip after the recent minicamp. He will not be able to participate in the next on-field session that runs May 27-29, but he is expected to be ready for training camp in late July.

Thanks for the save...not as tied to the computer as normal todayLast radio update said that he did not go dumb and the cowboys did know that he was going to get surgery and everyone was attempting to keep it quiet. BTW, not sure if you are someone I know from another board, but I am from that place of petro-chemical...originally at least

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