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Kevin Burnett, Dallas Rookie LB (1 Viewer)


In Parcells' press conference today, he announced that Burnett tore his ACL yesterday in practice and is now on IR. Not much fantasy impact. But such as it is.

Parcells said that it was the other knee than the one he had cartlidge damage surgury on earlier this year. Parcells expected him to be ready for camp. As for the Rams game. I'd expect a lot of 4-2-5 lineup. They will mingle in the 3-4 base. Ogbogu will most likely be active. He is a better 4-3 end than 3-4 OLB. As a defensive backup, however, the normal starting lineup is unaffected. So Fujita and Ware are starters at OLB. I suppose Ogbogu and maybe Caver would be the backups.What is significantly affected, however, is special teams. Burnett was very active in that area. My guess is that recently signed Tony Dixon will take his place on coverage teams. He was pretty good in special teams in the past. Not sure who plays on the return teams in Burnett's place, however.Such is life in the NFL.

Didn't they just sign some old guy a few weeks back? I know the G-men signed Phifer but I thought the boys got someone a week or two before.Burnett looked good to me. You guys like him?

Barrow was signed, played 1 quarter, injured his quad like he did (in NY?), and was placed on IR.No, their only active linebackers are Ware (OLB), Fujita (OLB), James (ILB), Shanle (ILB), and Fowler (ILB). Not sure where Caver is classified. Ogbogu kind of plays OLB. But he's more a 4-3 end.


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