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Kevin Jones inactive week 11 & 12 (1 Viewer)


I thought KJ had a chance to make some noise later this year if Forte hit that rookie wall. Now it seems like he is no longer an option. Bear homers any information on why he is a healthy scratch.

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Any information on why KJ seems to be out of the RB picture in Chicago? Either a healthy scratch or VERY FEW looks and behind other Bear backup RB's for the last several weeks :thumbdown:

Any information on this yet? I assume even if Forte hits the rookie wall or goes down KJ has no value.

I was wondering this myself. Perhaps it's because he doesn't play special teams like Peterson or Wolfe, but maybe there's something more there like he's not playing well in practice. :goodposting:

Jones hasn't been a factor all season and there is no reason to think he will be the rest of the way. He is fantasy fodder!

The only thing surprising about this is that people are surprised by it. Guy was signed for the vet min as insurance. Some folks around here still seem to think of him as this super-talented guy, but he just isn't. He's not in college anymore. In the pros, he has had a mediocre career at best and he doesn't have any skills that a ton of other guys don't have. He's not super quick, not exceptionally fast, not all that powerful, isn't all that elusive, etc.


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