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My sons and a few of their buddies (all 6 to 9 years old) have been asking me to help them set up a fantasy football league.

I'd very much like to use an all-play format. In other words, any kid can pick any player in any given week, as long as they meet the starting lineup requirements. For example, all twelve kids can pick Aaron Rodgers and RGIII as their starting QBs in week 5, if the want. By eliminating the draft and player "ownership" I'm hoping to avoid neighborhood squabbles about who drafted whom. Plus it removes injuries as a factor in any one kid's success.

Any suggestions for sites that permit this all-play format?

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I remember when I started being a degenerate gambler, I was 9 and I was crushing people twice my age at Chess, Bumper Pool and Gin

If you use MFL you can get a free league and there's an option to choose how many rosters each player can be on.

I'd think the "team" concept would work best, easier math.

Team QB, team WR, team RB and so forth. Explain to them as they go that next year they can get more specialized by drafting players instead. See how they do with this initial concept and evaluate it as the year goes on.

Try to PM T.C. Cannon, the owner of YouthFantasyFootball.com, he is here on this message board.

Back in '05-'06 when my boys got interested in this hobby his website was a godsend. He may be able to provide the type of league you are looking for. I haven't been back to his site in years so I'm not knowledgeable enough to provide any more info.

edit: It's a free site also, so no worries on that end.

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Perfect opportunity for math if you don't mind being the teacher and correcting the work. You could go as easy as 1 QB, RB, WR each per week or add more.

I have done this with students in the past. On Friday they would pick their players and we would go over it on Monday.


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