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Huh?Can't link (ESPN Insider).

Do the Jets really need tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson? Adrian Jones played fairly well at the end of last season, and this seems like a deep class at offensive line. Wouldn't it make sense to draft defensive end Mario Williams or linebacker A.J. Hawk? -- Jesse, Brooklyn, N.Y. No, I don't think so. Jones was adequate and has some skills, but Ferguson is a major upgrade, and O-line is not a deep position in this draft. It turned out to be a disappointing position in 2005. Several players I expected to have high grades, like Miami's Eric Winston, did not materialize to the level I thought they would. When you are picking fourth overall, as the Jets are, you have to get one of the top four players in the draft. You could make the argument for Williams or Hawk, but if you look at the Jets' needs, they are at right or left tackle on the offensive line, running back, cornerback, defensive tackle and defensive end. They don't have a true linebacker need. With the players they will have to choose from, Ferguson will be the best option.
I don't want to discuss whether the Jets should take Brick or not.How is this not a draft filled with O-Line prospects? Is it top heavy?Just curious as this is against all that I've read here on this site (but maybe I have not paid sufficiently attention)
This has been Kiper's stance for a little over a month now with respect to the left OT position in this year's draft. I'm not sure he is right. There are a lot of offensive lines that need serious help and could wind up looking foolish for passing on these guys. All are superb atheletes and have had a ton of success in top notch college programs. It reminds me a bit of the guy out of Washington last year, Kalif Barnes, who dropped into the 2nd Round last year. From what I have heard the Jags are excited about him and he started 12 games at LT for them as a rookie. He has great size and mobility, but had a so-so Senior Bowl and ended up a 2nd rounder.

Originally Winston, McNeill, Justice, Scott and D'Brick were getting a lot of hype because of their size/mobility/success combo. The focus of the Senior Bowl exposed flaws in each of their games (except Justice), but I don't think you can ignore what these guys bring to the table.

In addition to the 5 guys I mention above, there are 5 more guys who will probably get serious 1st day consideration. So this draft will be pretty deep with O-lineman.


Can't link (ESPN Insider).

When you are picking fourth overall, as the Jets are, you have to get one of the top four players in the draft.
I would hope so Mel. I would hope so. This just in- water is wet.
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i listen for tidbits from kiper that indicate the inside info he's getting. once his comments are just reflections of his opinions, i tune out.


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