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Kirk Morrison (1 Viewer)


I bought into the Kirk Morrison hype earlier this year and was hansomely rewarded and still am to an extent but I did notice one thing- while his total tackles stay constant from week to week it seems his # of of solos have been dropping for the last two weeks.Is there any explanation for this or just simply a vagary of his defensive assignment. I was inclined to blame the matchups at first, but have no basis to back my claims up. Is there any news Im missing on him or the D-Line? Are teams too busy testing Fabian with the long ball? Seems like he's getting to the ball carrier but certainly more and moreso after the initial hit. That said- how's his matchup this week?

He plays against K.C. I would stick him in your lineup. RBs for K.C. get past the DLine on most carries so Morrison will have plenty of opportunites for tackles. The only thing that bothers me about Morrison is that all he gets is tackles. He never seems to get the high point plays such as sacks, fumble recoveries, INTs, etc...


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