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Koren Robinson Starting (1 Viewer)


Whats his Value starting for seattle ?

Seahawks List Koren Robinson as Starter --

Wed Sep 17, 2008 --from FFMastermind.com

The Seattle Seahawks' official website lists newly signed Seahawks WR Koren Robinson as the starting wide receiver opposite WR Courtney Taylor. Undrafted rookie WR Michael Bumpus and WR Billy McMullen are listed as second string receivers. Trade acquisition WR Keary Colbert is the No. 5 wideout.

If you're truly desperate he has value. He is familiar with the offense and is a veteran. The coach & qb know him and his tendencies and he knows theirs. A injury or bye week fill in type player.

5/60/TD...you could do worse this weekend...I have a feeling hass is going to target him early and often...I doubt they have a lot of leftover chemistry, not sure if Hass was the QB when KRob was flourishing...lets not forget some of the skills that KRob flashed early in his career. Hass is a fairly polished NFL QB so I like the upside here.

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