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I'm admittedly new to the IDP side of fantasy football, so whereas I'm pretty comfortable sorting through offensive players, I rely pretty heavily on FootballGuys for IDP rankings.  As a result, I took Coleman as my DB, and D'Qwell Jackson as my LB.  I don't want to over-react to one week, but they were both pretty disappointing.  

So, because I don't follow IDP as closely, I'm wondering if I should start to look for upgrades at one or both positions.  FootballGuys had Coleman very highly ranked as a DB but he has pretty low ownership on Yahoo compared to other safeties.  Is he worth holding on to, or are there likely better options out there?  There are only about 10 guys drafted at S, so there should be pretty good pickens outside of the obvious top guys.

For Jackson, the guy had one assist, no solos.  How does a LB not have one solo tackle in a game?  Is he in line to be a tackle hog in that defense, or again, should I look elsewhere?

Really just looking for some IDP advice since info is so hard to come by on that side of the ball.

Always scour the WW for DB's.  Every year there are 5 or 10 that kind of come out of nowhere so you can stream DB's without any problem.  I wouldn't necessarily look to dump Coleman and change right now but I wouldn't hesitate to make a move after a week or so if someone on the WW has shown some spark. 

I think Jackson was just in a bad matchup for him.  The Lions used Riddick and Abdullah's speed to work on the LB's and that's not Jackson's strength.  I would hold off dumping right now as I think it was a matchup based issue.

DBs are cheap and can be streamed.  That said, I'm not a fan of Coleman anyway.

LBs are more valuable but it sounds like you only start 1 so chances are you can upgrade there too.  Don't be afraid to move on from either of these guys

Coleman was great last year, but this year he hasn't really done anything yet, mainly due to the Panthers starting a rookie CB (Bradberry) and they tend to get picked on.  To that point, young CBs are ones to look at if passes defended (PDs) are scored.

Strong safeties tend to get more tackles, while free safeties tend to get more PDs and INTs and fewer tackles (Coleman is a FS).  It also depends on the scheme their defense runs, tendencies, rotations and their opponents week to week.  Lots to consider but it sounds like you'll have a lot to choose from in the FA pool.

Just don't be a points chaser.  Look at trends over a 2-3 gamespan, who their team played and what their upcoming schedule is.

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