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Kurt Warner almost retired after the Boldin hit (1 Viewer)




Posted by Mike Florio on October 6, 2008, 8:38 a.m. EDT

Though the scary head injury suffered eight days ago by Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin wasn’t bad enough to knock him out of the game for more than a couple weeks, it almost knocked the man who threw the ball that Boldin was trying to catch out of the league permanently.

Per Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, quarterback Kurt Warner decided after the September 28 game against the Jets to retire immediately.

“This is it. I can’t do this anymore. It’s time to retire,” Warner wrote in a text message to his wife, Brenda.

“Something scary like that just makes you contemplate what’s really important and puts football in perspective,” Warner told Silver after Sunday’s 41-17 win over the Bills. “It’s things like that make you say, ‘This game isn’t everything, and I’m not sure if I can do this anymore.’ Because the bottom line is that all I really want is to be able to go home to my wife and kids.”

Warner changed his mind about hanging it up after he learned that Boldin’s injuries weren’t serious.

That was great news for the Cardinals. Warner bounced back from a six-turnover (NFL.com still says it was seven) performance against the Jets and led the Cardinals to a season-correcting win, which put them back on top of the NFC West, 2.5 games ahead of the umpteen-time defending champs from Seattle.

Against the previously unbeaten Bills, Warner completed 33 of 42 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns. More importantly, he generated no turnovers.

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