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L. Fournettte (@NE) or M. Pittman (@MIA) or T. Patrick (vs BALT) in PPR? (1 Viewer)

L. Fournettte (@NE) or M. Pittman (@MIA) or T. Patrick (vs BALT) in PPR?

  • M. Pittman (@MIA)

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  • L. Fournettte (@NE)

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  • T. Patrick (vs BALT)

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PPR League. Need to pick one.

* L. Fournette @NE -- Gio ruled out. Decent matchup if TB decides to run. Should get some cheap PPR points at minimum. NE and Bill B. could also dare TB to run the ball as they did in earlier years facing P. Manning. Added Bonus of Fournette: If J. Jacobs is ruled out prior to 8pm game tonight I could plug in P. Barber against lousy LAC run D on Monday night.

* M. Pittman @MIA -- He's getting the targets, but Wentz is hobbled, he'll face one or both of Miami's top corners, and this game could be slooooow paced.

* T. Patrick vs BALT -- Jeudy and Hamler out so he's at minimum #2 WR. He's been solid and BALT pass D is banged up.




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