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Laboy signs with Cards (1 Viewer)


Cardinals | Team signs T. LaBoy

Tue, 4 Mar 2008 07:37:29 -0800

The Arizona Cardinals announced Tuesday, March 4, that they have signed free-agent DL Travis LaBoy (Titans) to a five-year contract. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.




Will he battle Berry to start, or is he foreseen as a backup?
For the money he got I would think they expect him to start. Berry can't be counted on as any more than a spot starter and part of a rotation due to so many injuries the past few years. It might not be a bad thing having Laboy, Okeafor and Berry rotating to keep them all fresh.ETA - I wouldn't count on any of those three to be worth much of anything from a fantasy perspective.
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Jene Bramel

I can't see much value here -- unless he shows something he's never shown before, he's rosterable only in big play leagues and only as a backup there. Okeafor is the only OLB on the roster worth watching.

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Weiner Dog

Flying under the radar is the breakdown of LaBoy's contract. Essentially, he's playing under a 2-year "show me" deal. His $7.5mm in guarantees is backed by a $750k contract in '08 and $2mm deal in '09. His contract quickly balloons to $3.5mm, $4mm and $4.5mm over the remaining three years.

Much like in TEN, I would assume LaBoy is in a 3-man rotation (with Berry and Okeafor). Berry isn't going anywhere...he's already restructured his deal. There is an outside chance Okeafor is shown his walking papers.


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