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LADEE Rocket Launch (9/6) (1 Viewer)

Mr. Ected

Was anyone else able to see this tonite?

I'm northern VA, and we are about 3 hours away from Wallops Island by car, it took less than a minute for the rocket to become visible. Very cool, it popped up over the trees and we were able to see it for a couple minutes. Awesome. It was actually more visible than I anticipated, so I didn't take a picture. I was expecting a dot, it was more of a shooting star going up instead of down.

Since it was Friday nite, let the kids stay up and watch; they have nothing tomorrow. Let them sleep late!

Here in south Florida, we get pretty good shots of rockets (and the Shuttle before they scrapped them) as long as the weather's clear. It was really cool to see the boosters separate from the shuttle.

A long time ago, we were excited about a trip to WDW, because we had planned to go down a bit early to see a large rocket launch (around the time of the last shuttle) and were disappointed when they had to delay. We did get to do all of the visitor stuff at Kennedy Space Center, something I'd always wanted to do!

They delay launches all the time here, mostly if there's a storm in the area. They've even delayed a launch if there's a chance for thunderstorms, but given what happened to the Challenger, they now try to err on the side of caution.

Oh yeah, knew that. Just were hoping to be on the beach in FL near KSC and get to see a rocket launch! You know, giddy little geek boy, and his little kids! ;)

Our family is planning to go up for the June 4th rocket launch. Anyone been to a launch? Hoping someone knows a great spot off KSC to watch it. 


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