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Lance Moore's Dynasty Value (1 Viewer)


At the halfway point, Moore has amassed 431 yards on 38 catches, with 3 TDs, all while not breaking into much action until week 3. He has at least 75 yards in 4 out of the last 6 games.

WR22 in PPR leagues, WR25 in no PPR leagues

Sure, he may not have prototypical size or as high a ceiling as some, but in this offense, what it his upside?

I personally think this is as good as it gets from Lance. I think Meachem will continue to improve and eventually climb the depth chart (Dynasty) and Colston will eventually get back up to speed and prove to be the man again.

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Sell high. I just traded Lance Moore & Steve Smith for Ronnie Brown & Tim Hightower. That's pretty high, IMO.

I've owned Lance Moore on and off. He could really develop into something special, but I wouldn't bank on it.

While Bush has been out, he has been very consistent. Minus the Carolina game which was a disaster for the entire team, he has been money. Anytime Bush is out, he wil be a good play. If Colston is out, he will be a good play. So far thats added up to many games that he is a good play. I don't see that changing next year.


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