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Large fantasy football live event in Southern Kentucky, $200 buy in, sign up today! (1 Viewer)


Hello there, the Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship (SBFFC.com) is looking for signups for the 2021 season.   

The largest one day live fantasy football event outside of Las Vegas will be happening on Saturday, August 21, 2021 in Bowling Green, KY, just south of Louisville and north of Nashville.

Check out SBFFC.com for details, also check out this video promoting the SBFFC:

Last year's draft video

$200 buy in, LeagueSafe.com will handle the buy in and prize payouts.  The scoring will be held on Dataforceff.com.

Last year's overall champion won over $6,000!

Deadline to sign up is August 2 or whenever the 216th team pays, whichever comes first.

If interested or have questions, or want to sign up, email brian.harwood@twc.com today!


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