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Large league -VS- Tournament - VS- Cash (1 Viewer)


Have you seen any studies done on the DFS leagues with 3-250 entries? I did not see much in Cracking FanDuel or the Cracking DraftKIngs and have not read much more on any other sites. I see a lot of information and research that has been done on the Cash games and the large Tournament games but not as much on the leagues.

What mind set should you take when entering a league of 3-250 people? I would think you would go with a cash game line-up when choosing 3 person league and use a GPP when going closer to the 250 people range? What about the sizes in between 4,5,6,...100 team leagues?

Looking at who is playing the larger leagues in the $1.00/$2.00 range so far it appears to be a lot of inexperienced DFS players and I am wondering is should I be investing more time and money in these leagues.

Currently I am in (2) 250 team leagues. There are between 5-10 people out of the 250 that have 100 wins or more. A large majority seem to be people with 0-10 wins.

I look at 50/50 and it seems to be closer to an 40% with experience 60% inexperience (less than 100 wins) who are playing these. H2H mainly the players out there offering up games are more experienced players looking for the inexperienced ones to come give their money to them.

I think there are two basic lineups. One where 45-50% of the people cash (cash lineups) and ones where less than 30% cash (GPP).

In Cash, not much matters. Players can have co-variance issues (ie playing a QB and a RB from the same team and it could still easily work out).

In GPP, you have to consider ownership percentages, co-variance and a few other issues. You want a unique enough roster so you can vault near the top if you hit on your low-owned guys. As the field size increases to a large GPP, the need to be unique becomes a bigger and bigger factor


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