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Large market Owners v. Small Market Owners (1 Viewer)

So the arrogant large market owners seem to think the small market owners need to do more to generate revenue and are willing to put them at a competitive disadvantage to encourage them to do so. Fair enough, I suppose. Of course, were I a small market owner my first response would be to find a better market. To maybe move my team to L.A. Or maybe to move into the outer fringes of one of the currently held markets.

For instance maybe if a ran baltimore I would poach the Redskin market some more to get competitive. Were I Houston maybe I'd explore the fanancial viability of playing a split home schedule between houston and fort worth cutting into Jerry Jones' market, after all the split home paradigm worked for the Packers and seems to be working for the Hornets. Maybe the Cardinals could move to Mexico City, I hear that with 30 milion people that is a pretty good market.

I LOL at these greedy pricks. They are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Teams will start to shift markets in pursuit of a better deal, fans will become alienated, Cities will realize the folly of building stadiums, the whole thing will eventually lead to retrenchment in a league that has been constantly expanding.


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