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LaRon Landry suspended 4 games (PED) (1 Viewer)


LaRon Landry - DB - Colts
NFL suspended Colts SS LaRon Landry four games for violating the league's policy against performance enhancing drugs.
He'll be out until Week 9. There are no details available on Landry's ban, but it's probably not particularly surprising based on his physique. Landry struggled in both pass and run defense in the Colts' first four games, but is a "tone setter" in the back end, theoretically at least. He had 23 tackles and a sack. Sergio Brown figures to be the next man up across from FS Mike Adams.
Yet, somehow, Norton has him as the #1 DB this week. Think we could spend maybe 5 seconds looking that over before we publish it, fellas?


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