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LAst Man STanding Survivor Pool (1 Viewer)



Last Man Standing RULES

$20 to enter. Each week you pick 1 team. Once you pick a team you can never pick them again the rest of the season. Except playoffs. If your team for the week wins, you move on to the next week.. you do not have to pay again if you keep winning... but if your team loses, you will be out of the pool all together, UNLESS you buy back in for another $20 (each time). You can buy back in up until week 6 (depending on how many people we get to play). After week 6, if you lose, you are out, no more buying back in. If you do not get your picks in on time for the week, the website will automatically choose the LOWEST RANKING team as your pick for you. Deadline for joining will be start of game time week 1. This will go on week after week until we have a LAST MAN STANDING... 1 person will get the jackpot. If for some reason there is a tie by the end, the 2 can decide to continue on or split the pot. BUT, if there are 3 or more.. no splitting pot.. gotta go on.. max 2 teams per player, $20 per team. Tie is a win.

hit me up for more details..



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