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Last Open Team in 14 Team IDP League / Chase Available (1 Viewer)


Large Rosters / IDP / High Scoring / $50

Homepage: https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/44515#0

Sunday Afternoon Ballers Dynasty
$50 Entry
Champion - $250
2nd - $150
3rd - $50
Highest PT Total (Weeks 1 – 13) - $50
Divisional Winners - $50 (2 Div Winners x $50 = $100)

46 man rosters plus 3 IR slots

Future Rookie/FA Drafts will be 5 RD
* Teams must have the same amount of open roster space as they have draft picks.
* Draft order is constant, like the NFL, and is determined potential points starting in 2012 for non-playoff teams / playoff teams will be Ordered by finish.
* 1st 2 Rds are Rookie Picks only; Last 3 Rds are Vets and Rookies.

Team 1: https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2022/options?L=44515&O=07&F=0002
Ja'mar Chase plus 1.02 Pick

Interested email Kellysmash99@gmail.com

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Jelly Bird

Hi Kelly. Is this team available? Or will there be a dispersal draft? I’m interested, but would prefer to just take over the team. 


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