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LATAVIUS MURRAY or Michael Thomas? (1 Viewer)


Thomas on ww. Do I drop Murray to pick him up? Or do I just chill, or try to trade for an WR2 upgrade? Might be able to do Montgomery for Ridley straight up. Thanks.

My team QB - Prescott

RBs- Zeke, Montgomery, Swift, Ty'son Williams, Hines, Latavius Murray

WRs - Diggs, Devonta Smith, Aiyuk, Brandin Cooks, 

TE - Pitts

K - Gould

DEF - Browns

12 team, PPR Flex, 5 bench spots.



I guess there's no IR. I like the PK swap play, if trades come easy in your league. Otherwise, I'd rather see what happens with Ty'son then hang on to Murray.



Thanks Russ and Titus. Its pretty difficult to trade in my league. Plus I have won the championship far more than any other managers so I get push back cause of that and its especially difficult for me to trade...I think I will drop Murray. Yeah, no IR. Plus I do not like what I'm hearing about this timeshare in the backfield.


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