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Late Game WW Flex Options for Gurley Owners (1 Viewer)


Well, we're in a real pickle with the late start. I'm sure many owners have decent flex options they can put in, but how many of them will not be part of early games? For me in dynasty, that list looks like Anthony Miller and Tim Patrick. So .... yeah.

Let's look at the teams with late or SNF/MNF games:

  • Rams
  • Cards
  • Bears
  • Niners
  • Steelers
  • Saints
  • Chiefs
  • Seahawks
  • Broncos
  • Raiders

So of those teams, who is offering up a reasonable waiver wire flex option? For me, guys like Conley are on the wire, but it's pretty lean. Marcel Ateman? Maybe Kirkwood? James Washington probably a good bet in redraft if JuJu is a no go. 

A lot harder in dynasty, but for redraft you probably have some more options. Thought it might be a good to crowdsource some ideas in this thread. Hopefully our boy plays 3 quarters for 120/2 and it's all for naught. :)



Might be a stretch, but you might be able to get Royce Freeman for the MNF matchup.    

Should get the scraps and garbage time carries.   


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