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Late Night Saturday Catch-All Thread - Just Woke Up - Who's In? (1 Viewer)

Listening to Daft Punk's Discovery. Alone. On Saturday Night at 1:10. This is much better than being at Denny's surrounded by all the methamphetamine places in this town, however sad the aforementioned sentence may be.

Nothing is sadder than solitary Moons Over My Hammy while watching fifty year olds with face tattoos ripping down eight balls of the cook.  

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Is it a fit of irony that Digital Love just came on over the stereo? 

I wonder what kind of soul Kanye found in this and Amber Rose. Huh. Digi music group sells forty-five dollar t-shirts while Yeezy hangs with scrippers. Do it. Work it. Makes us. Harder Better Faster Stronger. 

Yous scream'n woke me DORK!

And, ya really got a prob wit my face tatooo?
Sorry. My plaintive wails in the night have been known to rouse even the sleepinest of lions.

🎶 I thought she was young and pretty, but she was fifty/sitting at Denny's in the corner with a mortar and pestle...🎶

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I'm going to say something controversial. Homework might be a better album than Discovery.

rock's immediacy: Switch the record, rock. Switch the record! 

rock's second immediacy: Crescendolls II is on! Forget that.

Discovery it is. The French may not shower or drink much water, but when they hit their sweet spot, boy can they new wave it. 

Side B of Discovery is pretty awesome. I may have to retract my statements about Homework in comparison. I may even have to pull out sides C and D to make a more informed judgment. I'll let you all know. 

I wonder if Yogibear is happy with D.K. Metcalf going to Seattle...if only he were here to answer this pressing question.

Yogibear's franchise thread is gold.

McJose "Is this the thread where we post franchise names?" :lmao:


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