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Lavar Arrington (1 Viewer)


How is Arrington coming along. I keep thinking he is going to step back into the WLB starting spot but he is almost invisible. Is this temporary as he gets back up to speed or a struggle to reagin his starting spot? :confused:

They have not seen enough of him in practices during the week to feel comfortable with him yet. Arrington says he is 100% but the coaches aren't buying it and he has yet to show he has mastered Williams defensive scheme. Until he does both of those he will be subject to playing in certain packages. Stay tuned....this is not going over well with LaVar.

do you mean 1 pt lavar? :yucky: the guy is clearly not right at this point

Long term, there's no way that Warrick Holdman keeps him out of the lineup. I just don't know how long this short term split-time situation is going to last. See what he does in week 4 after the bye this week. If he's still not playing much then I'll start being a bit more worried.


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