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Lawrence Timmons Was he starting? (1 Viewer)

I'm wondering the same thing - would definitely appreciately any insight from whoever was able to watch the game. Did he do this when the game was out of hand, or is he finally going to get his shot?

He was playing while the game was in question - it was 17-10 at the start of the 4th quarter.

I didn't watch the first half, but the Gamebook says he did not start.

Bengals were in a multiple WR set for the entire second half and were controlling the clock until the late explosion by Pittsburgh. He was all over the field (as he's been throughout the season) in the nickel and benefited from the Steeler gameplan to frequent blitz both ILB and drop at least one lineman and OLB in coverage because Cincinnati C Eric Ghiaciuc sucks, the RBs can't pickup blitzes and Fitzpatrick constantly looks to run when the pocket collapses outside. Timmons could have had five sacks if Fitzpatrick had run into him a little more often. Witness also Farrior's best game of the season.

Foote's been playing well, so this may still be just a one week blip in the radar. He looks like a real player, though.

Is Timmons going to start this week again? Whoever is back there will see a lot of tackle opportunities against the Giants rushing attack this week.

I sure hope that Timmons has a big day - I sat Lofton for him who has 9 pts already. Ooops. I knew I shouldn't have sat Lofton :lmao:

KellysHeroes said:
not much from my one week filler
At this point he's really only a useful option if you expect the Steelers' opponent to be passing a lot (especially in 3+ WR sets), something I wouldn't have expected the Giants to be doing much of. Even if you see a favorable matchup for Timmons I still don't think he's any more than a desperation start.
I watched the Colts game specifically to keep an eye on Timmons. Looked strong and fast with great cover skills in the first half.

He played, maybe two snaps in the second half.

I haven't heard about an injury, any thoughts as to why this might have been the case?


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