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LB Antwan Barnes BAL (1 Viewer)

Big Log

I noticed Antwan Barnes mentioned as a possible candidate for a sack this week vs the Steelers in the IDP Matchups to Avoid and Exploit.

I have always had Barnes on my radar in leagues where there is an emphasis on sacks but didn't think Barnes was in the picture at this point. Just curious if anything has changed and if we should be keeping a closer eye on him. OR is this just a case of the BALT defense having a good matchup this week vs Big Ben and anyone on that BALT defense could get to him?

To date Barnes has 1 solo tackle in 2 games so is there anything more to this comment?

Just curious..thanks!

I probably should have added a longer list of Raven potentials, as I didn't mean to imply that Barnes was necessarily a better bet than Jarrett Johnson. I think any Raven with the ability to rush the passer has a legitimate shot at a sack this week given the number of time Roethlisberger has been hit in recent weeks.


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