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**League Filled** Only $40 for 1st season (45% discount) 12 Team PPR, Super-Flex, TE Premium, Empire/Dynasty League (1 Viewer)


World Wide Empire League II

Link to League Rules

Orphan Team picks 1.09 in the upcoming 2022 5 round rookie draft. Has all 2022 and 2023 picks.
Notable players are:
Aaron Rodgers
Davonte Adams
Tyler Lockett

Link to Roster

League Basics:
$75 (which includes MFL Fees)
-Yearly championship payout (minus MFL/Leaguesafe fees):
- League Champion receives 67.5% of all league fees
- League Runner-Up receives 24% of all league fees
- Third Place Receives 8% of all league fees
- A portion of yearly fees goes toward Championship payout / remaining $$ is held in an empire pot that carries over year to year
- Entire Empire Pot is awarded to team that wins 3 championships in 5 years at which time the entire league is DISBANDED
- PPR (1PPR for QBs, RBs and WRs but 1.5PPR for TE)
- 26 man rosters + 4 IR Spots
Starting lineup requirement:
- QB 1-2
- RB 2-4
- WR 2-5
- TE 1-3
- PK 1
- DEF 1

- Defenses will not be kept year to year. They will be included in the startup draft and then redrafted each year within the rookie draft. Also, Defense scoring makes them an important part of the game, good ones will be equivalent to a top 20 offensive player.
- Regular season standings will be determined by Victory Points

I have been running these leagues for 5 yrs. Lots of fun. Request owners be willing to commit for 4yrs min. Does not mean you have to pay for 4 years upfront, just that you are prepared to play in league for at least 4yrs. 

Interested owners send reply or PM or email elae75@yahoo.com.

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