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BT's Rule

If you're up to trying something different this year, you've found it with this league! This is a very unique league.

12 team, $30 entry, League Safe, hosted on Yahoo, traditional rosters, 1/2PPR, H2H, 16 weeks, no playoffs

The league is called TEAM UP because, during the draft you select an NFL TEAM instead of a player. All of the players on that NFL team are yours and no other team can use them. It is a two-round draft so each manager will end up with TWO NFL TEAMS. Each week, you simply fill your roster with players from either of your two teams. Lose your stud RB? No problem, you own his back up!

The draft does not take long because it is only 2 rounds. The draft date/time has not been set yet but the commissioner will work with the managers to find a time that works for everyone.

This is a low maintenance league but lots of fun. No waivers, no trading. Just fill your weekly roster with your players.

The league ends at the end of week 16 and the top 2 teams, based on H2H record, split the pot (65% / 35%).

There are a few more league details that adds to the strategy but this summary provides you a good overview of the league.

If you would like more information or a league invite, please email me at Leacjuneb@yahoo.com

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