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(LEAGUE IS FULL) 32 team (2 16's combines) salary cap, auctions, IDP, dynasty league (1 Viewer)


Inside the 20 (since 2006) has 1 opening in the AFC conference (Big Horns)

The new owners for Big Horns will participate in a Dispersal draft to form their teams.  All players and rookie draft picks from Big Horns, Washington Red Hogs, and COUSIN EDDIE have been placed in a draftable pool.  These 3 owners will take turns picking from the draftable pool to build their new teams.  Please see the Dispersal draft post on the message board. 

Cost is $100 (salary cap, IDP, auctions)

32-team dynasty (really 2 16-team leagues combined as there is a Cooper Kupp in the AFC conference and a Cooper Kupp in the NFC conference)

Rules are stored Reports > Rules > League Settings
Scoring is very balanced:
# of starters and notable scoring:
QB:  1.................5 pass td, -2 int, -1 sack, 0.5 comp, -0.5 inc
RB:  1.................0.2 rush att, 0.5 ppr
WR:  3.................1 ppr
TE:  1.................1.5 ppr
RB/WR/TE flex:  2
K:  1
Punter:  1
DT:  1................1.8 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 3.5 pd
DE:  2................1.8 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 3.5 pd
LB:  2................1.2 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 1.5 pd
CB:  2................1.4 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 0.9 pd
S:  2.................1.4 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 0.9 pd
DT/LB/CB/S flex:  2...(But you can only start a max of 2 DTs, 3 CBs, 3 Safeties)

The starting lineups are deep with plenty of options with the flex positions.  The scoring is QB heavy with points for completions and 5 pt passing TDs.  Good offensive players carry teams for the most part.  The IDP scoring is balanced amongst the different positions.  The top IDPs are all about the big play.  The big hitter IDPs are able to get their name in the scoring leader board in this scoring system.  

There are 4 auctions during the offseason for any available free agents.  Teams bid with their available salary cap space.  See the Calendar of events post on the message board.

This is a salary cap league.  At the end of each season, all startable players get a 10, 20 or 30% raise depending on what tier they scored in (see chapter 9 in the rules).  Rookie picks have salaries associated with each draft slot (chapter 5).  There are blind-bid waivers on Wednesday nights where teams bid with their available salary cap space for any available free agents (chapter 11)

The payouts (chapter 15) are spread out evenly.  You remain active in this league throughout the playoffs.  There are weekly high-scorer payouts all the way up to week 18.  Plus there is a Supplemental tournament for all non-playoff teams.  It’s fun for everyone. 

Please email me at tecmoej@sbcglobal.net if you're interested.

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We still have 2 openings.  The 2 new owners will be building their new teams via a dispersal draft.  There will be a total of 3 teams participating in this dispersal draft.  

Some notable players available include:
Kyler Murray
Russell Wilson
Joe Mixon
Alvin Kamara
Derrick Henry
Josh Jacobs
D'Andre Swift
AJ Brown
Diontae Johnson
Robert Woods
Zach Ertz
Dallas Goedert
DE Josh Allen
Foysade Oluokun
JJ Watt
CJ Mosley
Eric Kendricks
Micah Parsons

Please email tecmoej@sbcglobal.net if you're interested


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