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I got out of most of my fantasy sports leagues when i went dark for 3 yrs (in order to work on projects & care for peeps) in 2013. When i came back online, i was on Medicaid and i don't believe in gambling while on govt assistance and therefore didn't go back to $$$ leagues. So, it's been my old dynasty leagues (i'm a 3-sport fantasy guy and, frankly, football is the least important to me - much prefer the long-season daily sports of baseball & basketball) and public Yahoo/ESPN leagues just to give me that half-hour, Jeopardy-head kickstart of setting all my lineups each morning before my workday.

Well, now, most of my keeper/dynasty leagues are gone because my oldest fantasysports friend and commish of most my leagues cheated in order to win a baseball league this year so i quit leaguing with him in protest. Unfortunately, most of the other members of these leagues work for the commish (getting the sweetheart end of deals because he's the boss was part of his cheating) so will not be quitting with me so we can resume without him or start new leagues.

So i'm looking for dynasty and cash leagues in all three major sports with people i know. I'm well aware there's a forum for that, but i'm wikkid muddafrikkin pissah and i've earned some rhythm 'round here. Don't like to do dynasty for big money cuz it's a sucker play but will take over teams in major disrepair if you have delinquent owners in free or low-cost keeper/dynasty play. I am transitioning from Medicaid to Medicare and therefore can gamble again, so bring on the cash redraft invites as well. I have a diamond rating from Yahoo in all 3 sports. Don't care for sim, will do contract leagues if they're not too complicated and have deep knowledge of b-ball and a working knowledge down through top-10 prospects of each team in baseball so can be and will be competitive in most formats. Holla me -

I think there was talk about starting something up in the FFA NBA thread,
I just started a league on Yahoo for that thread and just posted that over there. Any interested parties can PM me their addy for an invite. We'll decide the particulars once we have a quorum.


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