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League of Savages League Opening $81 - 12 Team Superflex Devy Dynasty - 2 Replacement Owners Needed for Dispersal Draft (1 Viewer)


Long-term Devy League started in 2014 with a great group of owners. Looking for a couple new owners looking to stick around. We'll have a 2-team dispersal opportunity with several great players available including Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Akers, Leonard Fournette, James Robinson, Miles Sanders, Isaiah Spiller, AJ Brown, Brandon Aiyuk, J'Marr Chase, Mike Evans, CeeDee Lamb, Tyler Lockett, Michael Thomas, Mike Williams, George Pickens, Darren Waller, Dallas Geodert, T.J. Hockenson, 1.02, 1.10 and many more. League fees are $81. Please note this is a PayPal league, not Leaguesafe, but all owners can attest to no issues and fast payouts since the league was formed. Check out the full league and rules for more info.

Link to League Home Page: https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/31299#0

Link to Rules/Settings: https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2022/options?L=31299&O=26

Available Players (alpha sort):
Brady, Tom TBB QB
Bridgewater, Teddy MIA QB
Darnold, Sam CAR QB
Ehlinger, Sam IND QB
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB
Haskins, Dwayne FA QB
Hurts, Jalen PHI QB
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB
Rush, Cooper DAL QB
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB
Trask, Kyle TBB QB
Wilson, Zach NYJ QB

Akers, Cam LAR RB
Bell, Le'Veon FA RB
Carson, Chris SEA RB
Edmonds, Chase MIA RB
Fournette, Leonard TBB RB
Freeman, Royce HOU RB
Hilliard, Dontrell TEN RB
Hines, Nyheim IND RB
Ingram, Mark NOS RB
Jackson, Justin FA RB
Johnson, David FA RB
Johnson, D'Ernest CLE RB
Johnson, Duke BUF RB
Jones, Ronald KCC RB
Jones, Tony NOS RB
Nwangwu, Kene MIN RB
Penny, Rashaad SEA RB
Robinson, James JAC RB
Rountree, Larry LAC RB
Sanders, Miles PHI RB
Spiller, Isaiah LAC RB (R)

Aiyuk, Brandon SFO WR
Brown, A.J. PHI WR
Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR
Edwards, Bryan ATL WR
Evans, Mike TBB WR
Hardman, Mecole KCC WR
Harry, N'Keal CHI WR
Johnson, Tyler TBB WR
Lamb, CeeDee DAL WR
Lazard, Allen GBP WR
Lockett, Tyler SEA WR
Miller, Anthony PIT WR
Palmer, Josh LAC WR
Pickens, George PIT WR (R)
Reynolds, Josh DET WR
Rodgers, Amari GBP WR
Samuel, Curtis WAS WR
Slayton, Darius NYG WR
Swain, Freddie SEA WR
Thomas, Michael NOS WR
Treadwell, Laquon JAC WR
Williams, Mike LAC WR

Goedert, Dallas PHI TE
Higbee, Tyler LAR TE
Hockenson, T.J. DET TE
Jarwin, Blake FA TE (Q)
Moreau, Foster LVR TE
Schultz, Dalton DAL TE
Thomas, Logan WAS TE
Waller, Darren LVR TE

* Sanders, Trey FA RB (R)


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