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Leagues doing .5 PPR + .5 PPFD: do you like it? (1 Viewer)

Jack McCoy

Our league has been doing 1 PPR for years, but I would love to change things up this season.

When you switched to .5/.5 (or even 0 PPR  + 1 PPFD), did you notice any significant differences in the scoring? I set up a dummy MFL league so I could compare my league's 2017 year-end scoring to what that scoring would have looked like had we been using .5/.5. I found the differences to be negligible in terms of a player's average fantasy points per game. Nor was there a significant reordering of the top 100 RBs/WRs/TEs. 

I then did another comparison, this one between my 2017 scoring and 0 PPR + 1 PPFD. Again, no significant shifts.

Am I approaching this the wrong way? Is the movement toward PPFD scoring more a philosophical one than a scoring one?

Bonus question (to avoid starting another thread) for those of you who have moved to superflex leagues: did you devalue QBs in such a way that starting two QBs every week wouldn't be a given?

Thanks, everyone — I'm really excited to hear your thoughts.

I currently run a 12-team PPR league.  I pitched the idea to move to PPFD (0.5 rushing and 1.0 receiving), but it's not getting much traction.  I did the same thing with modifying the scoring on MFL, but my theory behind it is getting points for something that brings value to the NFL team.  I struggle mightily with a bubble screen that loses two yards but still nets a positive 0.8 points for a fantasy team.  Changing from PPR to PPFD would eliminate that.  I can't speak to how much it changed the value, but I did notice it affected types of players more than specific players.  For example, the splash play guys (think Martavis Bryant, DeSean Jackson, Christian McCaffrey) saw a slight downward bump while guys like Fournette, Gore and Zeke saw a slight increase.

That same league is also a SuperFlex league, but it's almost a given to run a QB there.  The reason for the SuperFlex is to increase the value of the QB, so there's no reason to not start a QB there unless it's an exceptionally large league or a severe lack of QB options on the waiver wire.


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