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LEGAL ways to watch NFL games other than OTA/DirecTV/cable (1 Viewer)


So a little over a year ago I "cut the cord" from DirecTV, saving myself over $100 a month. I still get NBC/ABC/FOX/CBS "over the air" in HD, and I was able to get an extremely basic cable package through my high speed internet provider which gets me ESPN in standard def for Monday Night games. Without upgrading my cable package quite a bit, I don't think I have access to the NFL network.

Last year I also purchased the "NFL Game Rewind" package so I could watch games after they have been played through NFL.com (on my big screen via my HTPC).

Can anyone shed any light on the Verizon NFL app, and if that would give me access to the NFL network's Thursday night games? I currently have AT&T, but my contract is almost up and I'm willing to make the switch if I can watch the NFL network on my phone (and hopefully connect the phone to the TV to watch it there).

Also, I remember hearing something about the NFL package on the PS3, how does that work and is that available this year? Is that only for Sunday games, or is it also for Monday/Thursday games?

Anything else out there which is LEGAL which would allow me to watch more NFL football?

Thanks for any insight any of you may have!


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