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LeRoy Hill Replacement (1 Viewer)

Dirty Hairy

The Seattle Seahawks will be without linebacker Leroy Hill longer than expected because his groin injury is worse than originally thought. It was disclosed today that Hill will be out until after the team's Week 7 bye, meaning he won't be back until November. Head coach Jim Mora said Hill might need surgery. "There's a slight tear or some type of pull off the bone of one of the tendons," Mora told the Seattle Times. "It's similar to a lot of injury that a lot of hockey players get."

Who will fill in?

Will Herring, who was speculated to be the fill in

Lance Laury, listed on the depth chart as backup WLB

David Hawthorne, a training camp standout


Seatown Mofos

From what I recall, Herring is getting most of the work filling in for Hill.

Hawthorne is getting a lot of work at MLB because of Tatupu's hamstring injury.



Hawthorne is really a MLB, but a potentially good one. I'd think Herring would be getting the owrk, but didn't catch the week 2 game.



I am bumping this due to Jene's post in the inactives thread that said that Hawthorne was playing in the nickel.

Given that, I think he's a very viable roster. He is a thumper MLB,who if he can play nickel passably, can be a 3-down LB. He's not liekly to have a ton of dynasty value with the 3 LB's that are there now, but he could be the guy if they decide to go in a different direction next year - and they do have a lot of $$$ tied up at LB.


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