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LET'S GO BOWLING!! (College Bowl Games Pool) (1 Viewer)


Every year I run this pool for the college bowl games for the staff at my school and those here who want to be involved. I will be doing so again this year. I will be using the poolhost.com site which makes tracking the progress much easier.

Every completed sheet is $5 and you are allowed to complete multiple sheets. Simple concept pick the most straight-up winners and the tie-breaker will be the total points for the National Championship game.

If you're interested simply express as much here and PM me your email address. I will send you an invite, you accept that, create a free poolhost ID, pay your entry fee, select your teams, include your tie-breaking points and enjoy watching the games this holiday season with the hope of winning a little extra green. Depending on the number of entries, it will either be winner take all or possibly Top 3 with a 60-30-10 split (which it was last year).

I will be accepting entry fee payments through paypal or Venmo.

Bowl Games will be announced this Sunday, December 4th.

Happy Holidays!!


One week till the start of the games, I know a bunch of you have checked out it, anyone want in for just $5?

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