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Let's Pretend... (1 Viewer)

Who would you take #2 if they ended up in this situation?

  • DeAngelo Williams - Denver

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  • Laurence Maroney - Indianapolis

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  • Lendale White - Pittsburgh

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These are what I see as the ideal situations for these RBs in the first round. I was just wondering who the sharks think would be #2 if this would play out.


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I went Maroney due to least amount of competition.
:goodposting: This is why I went Maroney as well.

Bell and Parker are getting their touches in Indy, Maroney would be the man.

Even if those 2 backs were great I don't think either one of them will get the chances

that Maroney will.

This would be a fantasy rookie drafters dream though.....Yeah, it won't happen.

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I pick the Indy back for one reason only: look back at the past decade in DEN. Those backs are there for 1, maybe 2 seasons.

Indy is more likely to stick with one guy for an extended period of time.

Best overall talent of the group and best overall situation of the group. How the vote is not a landslide in favor of Williams is beyond me. Why in the world are peole worried about Bell beating him out when Bell was nealry spoon fed the job and couldn't take it form 40 year old Anderson? Parker struggles greatly running between the tackles in Pittsburghs offence for crying out loud! White would be able to take over that roll be no later than than midseason IMO. Thats if he isn't the big turd we are all hearing about all of a sudden. Oddly enough, I recall stating months ago that I heard rumors about White having char issues. Man that nealry got be castrated at the time!

Didn't we have this same exact poll like a week ago?

I went with D. Williams. He is the most talented and the most talented will rise to the top.

Situation means a ton with these three guys - look at any draft preview, and they're all pretty much tied in the ratings.

Maroney is going to be a stud. MB3 was on the same team with him and look how well he did in Dallas. Maroney is better than MB3. Logic would say he will be better in the NFL.


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