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Lets see your CHAMPIONSHIP rosters.......... (1 Viewer)


Most years we have similar threads and I looked around and didn't see any for this year.

Please post your rosters, and special scoring, rules etc.

I'm in 2 championship finals.

 TEAM #1

10 teamer, start 3WRs, 2 RB, QB, TE, K, DEFENSE, and NO flex.  Standard scoring.

Justin Herbert, Davante Adams ,Brandin Cooks, Amon Ra St. Brown, Terry McLaurin , Austin Ekeler, Rashaad Penny, Jeff Wilson , Michael Carter , Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams, Dare Ogunbowale , Dallas Goedert ,  Zuerlein,  Dallas and New Orleans Defenses.

 The above team I lost Godwin, and Rashaad Penny/ Dare Ogunbowale/NO Defense  were recent pickups.

 TEAM #2  - 12 teamer start QB, 3WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, FLEX , Defense   *.5ppr*

Josh Allen, Hunter Renfrow , Keenan Allen , Amon Ra St. Brown , Brandin Cooks , Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon ,Javonte Williams, Melvin Gordon , Jeff Wilson , Alexander Mattison, Myles Gaskin , Rex Burkhead, Dare Ogunbowale , Mark Andrews , Seattle/Dallas defenses.

The above team I lost Robert Woods , and Ogunbowale, Burkhead and Seattle D are all recent pickups. (traded for Cooks late season)

I REALLY had to scramble the last few weeks at WR. Several times during the season after losing Woods I was starting absolute waiver wire fodder at WR.

 Lets see those championship teams.


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12 team dynasty contract league PPR

1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 4 Flex (RB, WR, TE)

Lamar Jackson, Jonathan Taylor, Austin Ekeler, Stefon Diggs, Diontae Johnson, Deebo Samuel, DJ Moore, Hunter Renfrew, Devonta Smith, Mark Andrews, Hunter Henry

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12 team .2 PPR QB/2RB/2WR/TE/FLX/K/D

QB: Lamar, Carr, Huntley 

RB: Ekeler, Mixon, Swift, Jackson, Howard, Scott, Perine 

WR: AB, Hollywood, Cooks, St Brown, Kirk

TEs Ks Ds 

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Nothing pretty about it...

Kyler Murray

Tee Higgins/DeVonta Smith/MVS (played Gage week 16)

Najee Harris/Jeff Wilson/Antonio Gibson (played Justin Jackson over Gibson week 16, probably playing Darrell Williams over Wilson this week)

Travis Kelce (played Knox week 16)

12 team, fixed rosters, very short bench, 0.5ppr start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE









AJ Brown/Pittman/Amon-Ra/DJ Moore


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12 team PPR


J.Taylor / S.Michel / R.Penny /  Da.Williams / Foreman / Da.Henderson 

Kupp / Antonio Brown / Waddle / C.Patterson / Beckham / Aiyuk (ww)

Kelce  / Gronk

Best year of fantasy I've had. Worst hit on year was losing Godwin for year but killed it on waivers.  

12 team non ppr, and it has obviously changed a lot in the last few weeks !! Capitals to reflect drafted players that have now been jettisoned 


Elliot/SANDERS/Penny/R Jones/Gaskin/J Williams  

Deebo/AJ Brown/Chase/RIDLEY/Devante Parker 



Eagles right now 

not pretty tbh. The likes of Justin Jackson saw me through and I had Mattison/Pollard on my bench at start, they had some spots starts. 

I dropped Bass and used Koo last week which worked out great, as did switching to the Eagles 2 weeks ago. 

The first 4 WRs drafted could have been the stuff of legends if not for Ridley leaving football and AJ being injured but I survived through it 

As with all 4 of my championship visits in 10 years, my team had setbacks and struggled through then seemed to peak around playoff time. Seasons where I start off amazing and post great regular seasons records is where I seem to fall flat. 

10 years in this re-draft league and have never missed playoffs once which is the record I’m most proud about 

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12 team non- ppr and non- dynasty

prescott and carr

foreman, gaskin, Wilson, Hubbard and Coleman

jefferson, dj Moore and cooks


kc def and t bass

in finals this week and yes my team is subpar as injuries devastated my running back position.  Lost Edwards and Henry.  First 6 weeks was the highest scoring team then lost Henry.  Stumble to the finish but had 2 goods weeks in playoffs. 

16 team ppr dynasty QB/rb/rb/wr/wr/flex/flex/te/k/d

Qb: Lamar, Huntley, Josh Johnson

Rb: Swift, Gibson, Wilson, Mack, McKenzie

Wr: Jefferson, Pittman, Jeudy, Parker, Palmer, Crowder, Tyler Johnson

Te: Henry, Arnold, Parham

Kicker: Folk

Defense:  Dallas, Cincy

Folk and Dallas D were major contributors during the regular season. Swift’s injury coincided with Wilson filling in for Mitchell. Now Mitchell may be back but Swift should step right in. Henry and Huntley combined for almost 60 to get me through round 1 and Dallas’ 25 points were a big round 2 boost. 

Yes, and my team is basically a regurgitation of my pre-season thread. Non-PPR, 1 RB, 2 RB/WR flex, 2 WR/TE flex:

QB: Hurts

RB: Jonathan Taylor, CEH, Javonte Williams, Miles Sanders, Rashad Penny, Justin Jackson

WR: Cooper Kupp, Mike Williams

TE: Kyle Pitts

Stream defenses, stream kickers

  • QB - I've had 10 different starters, Taysom Hill this week. Unless it's Tyler Huntley. Though I kind of like Justin Fields matchup. Doesn't really matter, though.
  • WR1 - Davante Adams 
  • WR2 - CeeDee Lamb
  • WR3 - Brandin Cooks
  • RB1 - Najee Harris
  • RB2 - D'Andre Swift
  • TE - Gerald Everette (drafted Hock, used Freiermuth most of the 2nd half of the season, Cook last w/e - Imma streamer now)
  • Flex (W/R/T) - Javonte or Pollard or Carter. Probably Williams this week.
  • K - there have been a few, maybe 6? Gould this week, think Joseph had the most starts with 4.
  • DST - NE this week, MIA (drafted) for 4 out of 5 before that. CLE, DEN and ARI at various times.
  • BN - Bateman, Herbert, McKissic, Sutton all made productive starts.
Been a fun year. Started 1-4 and then 3-6, but pretty much stayed with my core bc most of the losses were a bit flukey. Three were less than 10 points, three others were guys having their best week of the season. Stayed the course and it worked out, 7 straight and looking for one more.

PPR keeper league (1-3 players for one year)







12-2 in a 12 team PPR league. Lead the league in total points as well. #1 seed with a bye.

Proceeded to lose Godwin and Fournette right before the bye to injury and Ekeler to Covid. Still made it to the finals. Also lost C. Carson earlier in the season.


* QB: L. Jackson, T. Huntley, T. Lance

* RB: Ekeler, C. Carson, L. Fournette, D. Montgomery (trade), R. Jones, R. Penny

* WR: S. Diggs, C. Godwin, M. Pittman

* TE: M. Andrews

* Defense: TB, PHI, Chicago

* K: Zeurlein

Have RB/WRs end of the roster that keep flying in and off to battle Covid or block opponents. Didn't bother to list.

Key draft picks were Ekeler (only top RB who didn't get wiped out), Fournette (late), Andrews 5th round (stud), M. Pittman (late). Key trades: Getting Montgomery and Rojo late before the deadline.

10 team PPR redraft: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1D/ST


Mixon, RoJo

T Higgins, AJB

D Schultz

Flex - B Cooks or D Williams

Bench - AJ Dillon, M Williams, M Pittman, Elijah Moore, C Edmonds, Jeff Wilson Jr

Obviously been patching the team all year.  Notable drops include D Henry, TJ Hock

No offense intended, but just curious... does anyone actually go through all these and read the rosters and/or care?
I think the fun part comes from roosters where your reaction is “but how?!”

like mine, lol:

QB - Herbert

RBs - D Freeman/D Ogunbowale (lost DHenry/CEH/DHenderson at this point)

WRs - K Allen/A Cooper/S Diggs/D Mooney 

TEs - MANdrews/K Pitts

My not on purpose zero-RB team has been absolutely saved by WRs (and the pairing with QB via Herbert/Allen combo) and TEs

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12 man standard

QB: Hurts

WR: Lockett, Diontae

RB: A. Jones, Mixon, Ronald Jones

TE: Kmet but may grab Raiders back up

Defense: Patriots

Kicker: Succop

Bench: Swift, Sun God, Scott, CEH, Foreman

Lost hockenson

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League 1:  Superflex, 1/2 PPR

QB - Murray, Carr

RB - Mixon, Michel

WR - Hill, AJ Brown, Chase

TE - Andrews

K - Succop

D - Patriots

League 2: Superflex, PPR

QB - Prescott, Stafford

RB - Cook, Montgomery, Freeman (lost McCaffrey)

WR - Higgins, Gallup, Meyers (lost Godwin and Sutton has been a bust all year.)

TE - Gronkowski

K - Boswell

D - Cowboys

In league 2, I will be about a 15 pt dog to the #1 seed.

Some surprise starters here late in the year... 

QB-Brady...fun ride until more recently

RB-Zeke Elliot, Javonte Williams and then Penny and Foreman who are more likely to start in recent weeks.

WR-Kupp, AJB, Godwin-OUT(Imagine these 3 on all cylinders) Elijah Moore-OUT likely, KJ Osborn is about all I got in the 3 hole 

TE- Ertz and the TD reliant Hunter Henry 

Gay at Kicker almost all year, combo of NE and Buff feasting on a lot of bad teams throughout the season. 

Kupp never let off the gas

Hunter Henry call vs Indy saved me the 1st week of the Playoffs, last week I rode AJB and Kupp, gotten lucky with 1 week rentals like Jackson last week

I have others but this has less talent on it. 

QB: Brady

RB: Kamara, Javonta W, Darrel Williams  Bench Stevenson/Dillon/CEH

WR: Kupp, Antonio Brown, Lockett  Bench Saunders/Lazard/E.Moore

TE: Pitts/Henry (waffling)

Flex: Berrios (return yards count in this league)

Def:  Bucs/kicker Zuerline

14 Team Dynasty - Standard Scoring - Start 1qb/1rb/1wr/1te/2flex/1k/1d

Mahomes, Hurts

McCaffrey, Chubb, AJones, Montgomery,  RoJones, Herbert, Hunt, Hubbard

Nuk, DionteJohnson, Higgins, Hollywood Brown, Aiyuk

Kelce, Goedart, Kmet

Tucker, Butker


12 team superflex PPR redraft

QB: Allen 
RB: Swift & RoJo
WR: Diggs & Hill
TE: Fant
SF:  Tannehill or Tua, haven't decided which yet
D:  Tampa


QB:  Brady
RB: Cook & Mixon
WR: Diontae & Chase
TE: Kmet
F: JJackson
SF: Wilson
D:  New England

Might be one of the few leagues that doesn't have Kupp or Taylor in the finals

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Two out of 4 teams made the championship game for me this year.

Team 1 - 10 team PPR - Won championship week 16

Starters Week 16

Tom Brady QB TB

Aaron Jones RB GB

Miles Sanders RB PHI

Justin Jackson RB LAC

Tee Higgins WR CIN

Russell Gage WR ATL

Mark Andrews TE BAL

Jake Elliott K PHI

Dallas Cowboys D/ST DAL

Key Bench/IR

Christian McCaffery RB CAR

Mike Evans WR TB

James Conner RB ARI

Team 2 - 16 team PPR Playing for Championship week 17

Starters Week 17

Tom Brady QB TB

Najee Harris RB PIT

A.J. Brown WR TEN

Antonio Brown WR TB

Jaylen Waddle WR MIA

Mark Andrews TE BAL

Cowboys DST DAL

Jake Elliott K PHI

Dynasty, 16 team league, .5ppr for RB/1ppr for WR/1.5ppr for TE (TE's not mandatory to start though). Starters for this week are Bolded:

QB's: L-Jax, Huntley, T.Lawrence  (will start Huntley if L-Jax is out)

RB's: Conner, Rojo, Gibson, Barkley, Burkhead, Booker (Conner start dependent on Gibson availability, so far DNP this week, can pivot to Burkhead late)

WR/TE's: Andrews, Diggs, AJ Brown, C.Patterson, D.Hopkins, Hockenson

DL - Donald, Ogbah, Ngakoue, Hunter

LB - Wagner, D.White, Queen, Jack, L.Wilson

DB- H.Smith, B.Baker, J.Fuller, L.Collins

4th Championship appearance in 5 years. 

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10 team .5 PPR 1-3 year keeper league. Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR/TEs, K, TDEF

QBs: Allen/Wilson

RBs: Harris/Mitchell/Mattison/Pollard/Penny (lost Carson, cut Gaskins and Sermon fairly early)

WRs: Adams/Lamb/Antonio Brown/Lockett/Waddle/Gronk

K: Gould

Def: Bills/Saints

Going into the draft and season feeling strong at QB and WR but really weak at RB in a 10 teamer I think actually benefited me greatly this year. I mined backups who could put up #1 RB type numbers if the starter got injured and it paid off for me with both Mattison and Pollard. The SF situation was pretty messy and caused someone that drop Mitchell early and he ended up starting in a couple of key spots for me. I’m not one that is usually one to churn RBs on my roster and in my lineup early, but because of where I felt my RBs were, I was more willing than usual to do so and with all the RB injuries this year for so many other guys with elite RBs, I came out ahead because I already had a lot of the guys that ended up being great spot starters.

And obviously Allen and my WRs carried me. I’m especially lucky Penny was still available in our waiver wire for this week.

Keep up to 6

Finished the regular season 11-14 (but won my division!) and secured the #3 seed.  8th out of 12 in total points.

Backdoored my way to the finals which was last week, and won 69-64 against the #1 point getter (he outscored me by over 400 points on the season).

QB Jalen Hurts PHI

RB Saquon Barkley NYG

RB Javonte Williams DEN

WR Antonio Brown TB

WR Tyreek Hill KC

TE George Kittle SF

K Jake Elliott PHI

DEF Minnesota Vikings MIN

12 team half PPR redraft, 1 qb with 2/2/flex skill positions

Draft: Kelce, Mixon, McLaurin, Woods, Hunt, Edwards, Brady, Shenault, Thomas, Gallup, Burrow, Malcolm Brown, White, Jarwin, Panthers

Current team: Brady - Patterson, Mixon, Dillon, Mattison, Perine, Hunt, Burkhead, Scott - McLaurin, St Brown, Gallup, Elijah Moore - Kelce - Cowboys - Zuerlein

Thought it was a strong week coming up and I would put up a decent # and hope it would be good enough to win.

QB Rodgers

RB Zeke

RB Eckeler

WR Lamb

WR Allen

WR St. Brown

Flex Patterson

TE Goedert 

K Gay

Def Miami

Did not go well.

Amon Ra St. Brown was the only one to play like a stud. My Cowboy players killed me. Patterson dud which I feared. 
in our league I got a minus 3 from Miami D. 
Not enough TD’s or yardage really.

i waited until i won to post mine. Pretty ugly scene here, but took down 2 juggernauts to win the championship today. our scoring is a little different then ost leagues (TEs get 2 points per reception, throwing TD is 6 points, etc.). 14 team league, 1 keeper.  :

* also had Mike Thomas, CMC, Fitzpatrick, Logan Thomas, etc., etc.

QB  -   Dak Prescott QB | DAL

RB  Chase Edmonds RB | ARI @DAL

RB    Austin Ekeler RB | LAC DEN

WR       Gabriel Davis WR | BUF ATL

WR     Justin Jefferson WR | MIN@GB

WR     Michael Pittman WR | IND LV

TE       Foster Moreau TE | LV @IND

FLEX       Joe Burrow QB | CIN KC

DST         Packers DST | GB MIN

K        Nick Folk K | NE JAC


RB        Cam Akers RB | LAR @BAL

RB       Michael Carter RB | NYJ TB

WR       Rashod Bateman WR | BAL LAR

WR       Donovan Peoples-Jones WR | CLE@PIT

TE         Tyler Higbee TE | LAR @BAL

FLEXDeshaun Watson QB | HOU 

20+ year long auction league. 12 team, super flex, 3 WR, PPR, keeper

QB: Brady, Cousins, Teddy B. (And Dalton for this week 🤮)

RB: Najee, A Jones, D Williams, Singletary 

WR: Keenan, Higgins, Renfrow, Lizard, Meyers

TE: Kelce, Freiermuth

K: Tucker

D : NE

Led the league in wins and points. 

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QB: Brady

RB: Kamara, Javonta W, Darrel Williams  Bench Stevenson/Dillon/CEH

WR: Kupp, Antonio Brown, Lockett  Bench Saunders/Lazard/E.Moore

TE: Pitts/Henry (waffling)

Flex: Berrios (return yards count in this league)

Def:  Bucs/kicker Zuerline

won by 3......despite leaving Dillon and Stevenson light up my bench

12 Team IDP Dynasty

QB:  Burrow/Cousins

RB:  Barkley/Montgomery/Eli Mitchell/CEH/Ettienne/Herbert/K. Vaughn/J Patterson

WR:  Tyreke Hill/Lamb/Higgins/Gallup/Ridley/T Marshall/Nico Collins/Peoples-Jones

TE:  Andrews/Brevin Jordan

K:  Tucker

D-Flex:  Quincy Williams, Jonas Griffith

LB:  Parsons/Kendricks/Cunningham/David Long/Jamin Davis

DL:  Myles Garrett/Cam Jordan/Josh Allen

10 Team Dynasty league: 

QB:  Josh Allen/Zach Wilson

RB:  Henry/Chubb/D Harris/Michel/Dobbins/Ettienne/D Gore/K Vaughn

WR:  AJ Brown/Tyreke Hill/Waddle/St Brown/McLaurin/Beckham/Terrace Marshall/Josh Palmer/Godwin

(No TE)

Def:  New England

K:  Folk

Champion team 1:

Champion team 2


Dynasty, 16 team league, .5ppr for RB/1ppr for WR/1.5ppr for TE (TE's not mandatory to start though). Starters for this week are Bolded:

QB's: L-Jax, Huntley, T.Lawrence  (will start Huntley if L-Jax is out)

RB's: Conner, Rojo, Gibson, Barkley, Burkhead, Booker (Conner start dependent on Gibson availability, so far DNP this week, can pivot to Burkhead late)

WR/TE's: Andrews, Diggs, AJ Brown, C.Patterson, D.Hopkins, Hockenson

DL - Donald, Ogbah, Ngakoue, Hunter

LB - Wagner, D.White, Queen, Jack, L.Wilson

DB- H.Smith, B.Baker, J.Fuller, L.Collins

4th Championship appearance in 5 years. 
In the end the lineup was Huntley/Rojo/Barkley/Andrews/Diggs/AJ/C-Patt......the ENTIRE offense - not one TD scored......needless to say I lost by 65.....I hate FF sometimes. 

In the end the lineup was Huntley/Rojo/Barkley/Andrews/Diggs/AJ/C-Patt......the ENTIRE offense - not one TD scored......needless to say I lost by 65.....I hate FF sometimes. 
Ya that's a brutal week.  Sub-par week for almost every one of your guys.  Rough.

One guy singlehandedly won my title!

QB - Murray, Carr

RB - Mixon, Michel

WR - Hill, AJ Brown, Chase

TE - Andrews

K - Succop

D - NE

Reserves - Swift, Jamal Williams, Henderson, Gallup, V Jefferson, M Williams, Gronkowski, Badgley, Perine

Played in 3 championship games out of 4 leagues. I especially hated losing in my local league this year, though it was a crappy team that didn't belong in the big game but so was the other team.   Only one Championship winner this year

12 tm Dynasty SF 

Herbert and Dak at qb

J Taylor and Chubb at rb

J Chase, S Deebo, A Brown at wr

Knox at te

Butker at K

Cowboys at def

12 Team PPR

Started 2-3, then won 11 of last 12. (Bolded championship game starters)

QB: Rodgers, Cousins

RB: Mixon, Singletary (dropped after 1st NE game – started last 3 for me), CEH, Patterson (FA savior as I originally drafted Sermon, Gio Bernard, T Coleman)

WR: Renfrow, Pittman, Cooks, Evans, KJ Osborn (Picked up Renfrow in same waiver group as Patterson & both became every week starters)

TE: Kelce, Higbee, Uzomah

K: Gay

D 49ers, Chiefs

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I had my best season ever - finishing 14-2 and winning my 6th championship (but I did it in only 27 years Patriots and Steelers).

QB - Rodgers (used Heinicke when Rodgers was out)

RB - Kamara, Montgomery (Fournette, Pollard)

WR - Cooper, Renfrow, AJ Brown (Jeudy, Jefferson, D. Smith)

TE - Hockenson (Moreau)

K - Hopkins (Gould and McPherson at various times)

DL - Lawrence, Jordan (J Allen, Hargrave)

LB - Roquan Smith, D Campbell, A Walker, Kirksey (Littleton, Simmons)

DB - H Smith, Dugger (K Willis)

None of my offensive players were top 5 in scoring at their position, but LB I had the top two LBs and DB I had the #1 and the #6...so maybe defense does win championships?   Or just a good run of luck.  Started 4-2 and then won 10 straight.  In our 12 team league I have 6 titles and the next closest has 3 titles in the 29 year history of the league.

12 team dynasty league.  Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, and 1 Rookie.  Standard scoring.

QB:  Lamar Jackson (started Tyler Huntley and Taylor Heineke in the playoffs)

RB:  Nick Chubb, Austin Ekeler, AJ Dillon, Michael Carter, Jeff Wilson, Boston Scott, and Justin Jackson (started Jackson in Ekeler's spot but otherwise started Chubb and Ekeler all playoffs)

WR:  DK Metcalf, Cordarelle Patterson, Brandin Cooks, DJ Moore, Marquez Callaway, and lots and lots of roster flotsam and injured players

TE:  Travis Kelce (had no backup in the semis)

K:  Greg Zeuerlein

Rookie:  Trey Lance in the Finals, but otherwise I went with Michael Carter or Evan McPherson (I also had Rondale Moore, but he rode the pine)

Not very strong outside of RB and TE, but I did just enough to skate by and huge playoff performances from Huntley, Jackson, and DK helped me win each round to take the title.

In my long time PPR league with buddies, I won my third championship in four years with a subpar roster due to injuries (I drafted CMC, Chris Carson, and AJ Brown with my first three picks, all of which were lost to injury for a significant portion of the season and placed on IR) :

QB: Murray

RB: Darrell Williams, Burkhead

WR: AJ Brown, TLockett, Brandon Cooks

TE: Dawson Knox

PK: Crosby

Def/ST: Saints

I picked up all these players other than Murray and my WRs on waivers during the season. I won three playoff games by a combined total of less than 12 points. 

Week 17 Lineup 


AJ Brown 







Bears D

Bench: Jeff Wilson, Patterson, DJ Moore, Christian Kirk, Matt Ryan, Trey Lance, Gerald Everett, Boston Scott, Dan Arnold

Patterson was my MVP for the majority of the season, even though I didn’t start him Week 17. I lost both Calvin Ridley and Robert Woods, so his RB/WR dual eligibility was invaluable. Traded Deandre Swift for AJ Brown somewhere around Week 10 or 11 and his huge game won me the semis week. Nabbing Mitchell off the wire gave me some depth at RB which allowed me to make that move. 10 man, SF, auction draft btw. 

No Mercy Piranha RZRBACK77 

Finished as second leading scorer, but made the playoffs at the #4 position as the only team to not win their division.

  • Brady, Tom TBB QB 480.19 - rode Brady as value pick all season at QB, drafted as QB8 at the bottom of the 6th round
  • Edmonds, Chase ARI RB (Q)143.31 - picked up as FA after his injury - I lost Can Akers from draft
  • Freeman, Devonta BAL RB 141.98 - late FA pick-up
  • Kamara, Alvin NOS RB 216.56 - started most weeks, drafted at 1.4
  • Mitchell, Elijah SFO RB (Q)156.56 - another FA pick-up
  • Swift, D'Andre DET RB 194.39 - started most weeks - drafted in third round as third straight RB (Kamara, Akers, Swift)
  • Lamb, CeeDee DAL WR 226.37 - started most weeks
  • Mooney, Darnell CHI WR 195.110 
  • Moore, Rondale ARI WR (Q)109.112 
  • Smith, DeVonta PHI WR 178.514 
  • St. Brown, Amon-Ra DET WR 201.29 - most valuable player down the stretch FA pickup
  • Valdes-Scantling, Marquez GBP WR 87.013 
  • Andrews, Mark BAL TE 284.68 - solid starter all season
  • Higbee, Tyler LAR TE 123.511 
  • Gould, Robbie SFO PK 99.06 - only used in championship week
  • Prater, Matt ARI PK 133.012 - replaced Butker on his bye, but sat final week
  • 49ers, San Francisco SFO Def 113.06 - Defense by committee all season
  • Browns, Cleveland CLE Def 110.013
14 team dynasty, ppr, start QB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/FLEX/FLEX/FLEX

Qb: mayfield and a rotating cast of characters (keenum, geno smith, love, minshew, Huntley)

RB: Chubb, Taylor, Kamara, Swift, Darrell Williams

WR: Evans, Lamb, Pittman, Aiyuk, Julio, various WW fodder

TE: Kittle, Cook


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