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Let's see your playoff bracket (1 Viewer)


I'm not doing too well picking games (as usual). I think I pick too many favorites and need to take a couple risks. Every week, it seems like a couple of teams that look good just do not show up.


Falcons over Rams

Patriots over Bills

Vikings over Giants

Panthers over Saints

Jets over Dolphins

Cowboys over Eagles

Chargers over Broncos

Buccaneers over Raiders

Ravens over Jaguars

Texans over Bears

I started out by picking all the teams that seem to be playing better ball. Then I tossed in 3 upsets for teams that don't show up. I think the Dolphins, Eagles, and Bears don't show up this week. In the Bears case, it actually won't matter because they'd be eliminated anyway. But in the other two cases, it opens the door for the Patriots and Cowboys. I picked the Dolphins because they got here on a weak schedule and haven't beaten hardly anybody. I picked the Eagles because I think that loss last week was devastating. I picked the Bears because they have been terrible on the road this year.


1 Titans

2 Steelers

6 Ravens at 3 Patriots

5 Colts at 4 Chargers


1 Giants

2 Panthers

6 Cowboys at 3 Vikings

5 Falcons at 4 Cardinals


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