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Let's talk Kevin Burnett (1 Viewer)


Does he any chance to take out at ILB for Bradie James to start the season? If not when do you see him being the starter? Week 6? Next year?

:listeningcarefully:I find it unfathomable that DAL would start Singleton on the outside & leave Burnett on the bench.Everytime I read something on Burnett, it's glowing about what an animal he is & how he always finds his way to the ball. Whether he takes Singleton's spot on the outside - which would make him a solid #3 LB IMO - or whether James moves to the outside - which would make Burnett a solid #2 LB on the inside IMO - Burnett ought to find his way onto the field.

Boy I hope you are right. The latter is definately better and I would think that you would want your two best LB'ers patrolling the middle in a 3-4. We'll see I guess.Anyone else want to chime in?


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