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Linebacker Pick 'Em (1 Viewer)

Lord of the Rings

Dynasty IDP big roster league

Looking to pick up 2 or 3 of the following free agents. Any thoughts, question marks, concerns, feelings, etc. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

E. Hartwell, ATL (what's his injury status?)

E.J. Henderson, MIN (what's going on with Cowart?)

Don. Thomas, MIN

B. Green, NYG (wasn't he supposed to be a major contributor last year?)

B. James, DAL (with Nguyen retiring??? will James finally be a factor?)

G. Gardner, IND

B. Moore, SF

J. Babin, HOU


Interceptions: 3 pts

Fumble Recovery: 2 pts

Forced Fumble: 2 pts

Sack: 3 pt (1/2 sack = 1.5 pt)

Tackles: 1 pt

Assists: .5 pt


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