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Link to $15,000 Contest Stats Week 2 (1 Viewer)

Thanks. Where do I find my team? I know I have preist, but I can't remember anyone else!

There's speculation the cutoff point is around 120 based on last weeks numbers. Maybe so.I think a few people are screwed this week with none of the big 3 Wr's in the top 20.

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stedman,You rule! Thanks! I was curious about how I did, but too lazy to figure it out.I'm at 154.55 minimum, unless Galloway trumps Price's 4.8 or Collins tops Brady's 25.45.

Ugh... I'm at 125.15. Damn Receivers. Hopefully Hilliard can outscore Charles Rogers tonight and give me a bit of a boost.

I hope you're right Stedman. I'm at 127.3 right now but still have Toomer and Hambrick tonight. Hopefully I'll make the cut. In fact, slot # 5,999 would be GREAT!

Cool. 143.8 so far with more if Hilliard can outscore 4.2 or Hambrick outscore 13.6. Should make the cut easily.

Too bad I got whacked last week. :bag:

Thanks. Where do I find my team? I know I have preist, but I can't remember anyone else!
Uh oh---I'm at 109.2 with one more WR--hopefully Amani Toomer will do ok tonight.
DOH.. Im sitting at 113.. Unless Collins does alot better then Hasselbeck, I'm sitting at the low end of the stick!!

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stedman:I beg to disagree with your calculations, but at .1 points per rushing yards, Santana Moss' -11 yard reverse (?) adds up to -1.1 points.Your calculations show him at 25.2 points, when the reality is he is at 24.1 points for this "league".Sorry about that! :(

131.8 with Toomer tonight. If he can bump Fergusons 11.9, I'll have a shot, otherwise I'm not liking my chances...... :no:

164.95 :thumbup: Looks like I'll make the cut. GB Jamal Lewis and Seattle's D.

135.2 for me this week and I'm finished. My RBs this week were Trung and Dunn :eek: I'm sweating....(Moss, K-Rob, and Amos not showing up is painful)GB the NE Defense and Tom Brady! :thumbup:

Forget what i said about not bothering to add up my points. This is toooo easy now. Thanx.As I thought, I am above the bottom quartile (probably) and thus live on. Just tryin' to hang around until Bennett gets better. I sent him soup (not Chunky Campbells).141.95

At worst (unless Bryant goes OFF tonight) 136.1 should move on but probably close. :shock:The worst part is that I was in Europe and had JStewart as one of my RBs and didn't have a pc to make my changes in time :rant:

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118.05 :o Unless Collins can top Brady by a fairly decent margin (not likely)AND/OR if Dallas can better the Ravens D' (not likely)AND/OR if Galloway can top Lelie's 6.5 (to have my hopes placed in the hands of a Cowboy WR :shock: I think I am done!)

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129.1 - uh oh !!!!Things are not looking good, though I do have Collins and Hilliard tonite to possibly add to the total.I may have to start thinking of other ways to pay for that new HDTV I wanted. :confused:

Last week the top 6,000 cut off would have been 120 points. Top 5,000 --> 127 points.Top 4,000 --> 133Top 3,000 --> 140I would think that week 1 is not going to be significantly different from this week. My guess is that 125 should get you in, but I guess we will see.

:bag: Don't know if 140.5 will hold up, but it appears T. Brady & Seattle were my heros this past weekend :shock:
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138.25 with Collins, Shockey and Galloway left. They would need to outproduce Hasselbeck, Tai Streets and Franks.

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164.05 for me this week :thumbup:
Nice score Aaron. I thought I did well with 159.20I only scored 2 points at my TE spot and I have Todd Heap. Certainly expected more there but all that matters is you get by to the next round.I had Ramsey, Darell Jackson, Peter Warrick and Plaxico.Portis and Dunn with Stover and New Orleans DI am thinking a lot had Ramsey in this format.
Beldsoe 23.70Jamal 41.5Faulk 19.0K Johnson 15.4Mccardell 16.3Reed 12.1Lewis 9.60M. Anderson 5.0Bal 15.0Gleen and NY def going tonight.Total= 157.6

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138 with Collins to go... Holcombe (9.95) is all he has to beat, I'd hope he can do that. Should be safe with 147+ though.Thanks for doing the leg work!

Do you guys think I'll make the cut with 171.40 ?

I hope so...I'd really like to make it to next week. :thumbup:






Ch Rogers

A. Crumpler

O. Mare



I'm very happy to report a team score of 145.15 :thumbup: Now I get to sweat my most "Bye-concerning" week (2RB on bye). :o

I'm at 127.35 with Joey Galloway and both of my defenses going tonight.By the way, the 6,000th guy last week had something like 120.1 so you should use that as a rough estimate of what you need to get this week.


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